The Premier
Beastie Boys Tribute Act

Taking you through decades of their unforgettable hits, this seven piece live band replicates the authentic
Beastie Boys experience with three MCs, a world class DJ, and visuals from their iconic video collection.

The crowds get to re-live carefree times and always sing along, word for word, in a party atmosphere.
Fans of My Posse in Effect are dedicated and cross multiple state lines just to see them perform and with good reason.

“It’s safe to say that My Posse in Effect forgoes the clone treatment found in other cover bands to deliver a hard-hitting set that’s backed by the rip of live instruments.
DJ Mahf helps weave drums, guitars and a stage full of voices into a pitch-perfect presentation that does for the Beastie Boys what El Monstero does for Pink Floyd.”
– Riverfront Times

“Most exciting, though, is a performance by My Posse in Effect, a St. Louis-based Beastie Boys tribute act.
The sad fact is that you’re never going to get a chance to see the actual Beastie Boys again — at least not with longtime leader MCA, who passed away due to cancer in 2012.
A tribute act is the best you are going to get, and this is one that can more than ably do the job.”
– Riverfront Times

Go With A Sure Shot

It’s time to shake things up and get down with the ultimate Beastie Boys tribute!
From ‘Sabotage’ to ‘Intergalactic,’ we’ve got all the hits covered.
Don’t miss your chance to catch us live and relive the magic of the Beastie Boys in concert!

About Us

Welcome to the world of our Beastie Boys tribute band, where we pay homage to the iconic trio with passion, energy, and a whole lot of attitude! Comprised of dedicated musicians and lifelong fans of the Beastie Boys, we bring the spirit of hip-hop’s pioneers to life on stage. From the gritty streets of Brooklyn to the global stage, we embody the rebellious spirit and infectious energy that made the Beastie Boys legends. With electrifying performances and a commitment to honoring their legacy, we invite you to join us in celebrating the music and culture that continue to inspire generations. Get ready to kick it with us and experience the Beastie Boys like never before!

Meet The Crew

Behind the scenes of our Beastie Boys tribute band, you’ll find three charismatic emcees and one talented DJ at the helm, driving the beat and delivering the rhymes with unparalleled flair. But our journey doesn’t stop there. We’re proud to travel with a skilled live band, adding depth and dynamism to our performances. Together, we breathe new life into the instrumental and band-driven songs, infusing each track with infectious energy and undeniable groove. From the classic hits to the lesser-known gems, our collaborative effort ensures that every moment on stage is a sonic spectacle worthy of the Beastie Boys’ legendary status. Join us as we blend the best of hip-hop and live instrumentation, creating a truly unforgettable experience for fans young and old.

3 Emcees and 1 DJ

Ready to rock the party!

as Mike D

as MCA

as Adrock


Upcoming Shows

Come catch us LIVE!

23 Mar
Phoneix, AR
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06 Jun
Denver, CO​
Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed
17 Aug
Los Angeles, CA
Vivamus magna justo, lacinia eget consectetur sed
25 Sep
Chicago, MI
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My Posse In Effect
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